Northshore Emergency Center is an emergency department of HCA Corpus Christi Medical Center and charges rates comparable to a hospital emergency room. The hospital will bill your insurance company or health benefits plan for services provided to you.

After all insurance payments have been applied to your account, you will receive a summary statement showing the amount paid by insurance and the amount due from you. If you do not have insurance, you will receive a bill indicating your total charges and balance due.

Each physician who provides professional services to you is an independent contractor and will bill you separately. This includes your emergency care physician and could include a pathologist, radiologist and/or other physician who may perform tests or read test results. For additional information about your bill and to speak with one of our representatives, please call 1-866-453-5906.

Paying Your Bill

At Corpus Christi Medical Center, we are committed to providing you with the best available healthcare along with convenient and reliable billing services. We are pleased to offer an online payment system. Now you can submit credit card payments at any time via our secure payment system.

Know Your Rights

Learn more about your patient rights, including your right to privacy.